Fit Pizza

Pizza is becoming increasingly popular and of particular importance to catering services. However, Pizza is often associated with “Fast Food” and therefore has to struggle with a bad reputation health wise.

Responding to this problem POINT OF FOOD has developed in cooperation with universities and leading German nutrition experts the ®. Healthy and tasty are no contradictions anymore.

More fibre
The Fit Pizza contains up to 37% more fibre than a traditional Pizza. Fibre is an essential element of a healthy diet.

No additives
No nitrite curing salt, flavor enhancer/ artificial flavor and emulsifying salt are used. We use only pure, high-quality mozzarella for our FitPizza.

Less fat
By using low-fat ingredients we reduce the amount of fat up to 48%, maintaining the full taste. Thus, FitPizza stands out positively in comparison to other conventional pizzas.

Restaurant quality
 High quality ingredients and a passionate and dedicated production team make for restaurant standards.

The first delicious AND healthy pizza!

Pre- baked pizza crust made out of 50% whole wheat
topped with low fat mozzarella

Available with different toppings:
(sizes: rectangular Gastronorm 28x48cm and Ø24cm)

Chicken oriental, vegetables
Beef pepperoni, peppers
Cheese, tomatoes

Pure mozzarella
No additives
More fibre 
Less fat


Preview FitPizza Preview FitPizza