Care Pizza

Pizza- The highlight of your day
Hospital catering has two important functions: First of all, it is meant to be a healthy meal for patients. But a delicious lunch is also the highlight of the patient´s day! A modern meal such as Pizza is very popular amongst many patients. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to serve a delicious and crusty Pizza in hospitals- so far!

Pizza in restaurant quality
The CarePizza was specifically created for current food distribution systems used in hospitals. Whether it is induction, contact heat or hot air !? Our newly developed technology guarantees crusty Pizza, made within the normal .. – without any additives or industrial substitute.

Easy & delicious!
Our CarePizza consists of best ingredients only. The original Italian stone baked base is outstandingly crusty. Refined with fruity tomato sauce and melted mozzarella make this Pizza a unique Pizza experience!

The CarePizza is ready made and available in many popular sorts.

Your advantages
  Easy cost calculation/ stable sales input
Hygienically and individually packed
 Focused on nutritional value
Quick portioning 
 easy to prepare!
 Easy handling

It´s that simple
 Remove the pizza from packaging
  Spray some cooking oil on the plate in order
to enjoy the pizza even crustier
Place the pizza on the plate and put the cloche on it
 Put the pizza in the food distribution system and
heat it up for 40-60 minutes.
 Serve hot ?!?!


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